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About Pinnacle Promotions Ltd

Pinnacle Promotions Ltd is situated in London. We pride ourselves on generating outstanding results for clients. We have the ambition to succeed and grow - with our hard working event sales force and our experience in promotional work, 2016 will be a year for expansion and even greater results.

Market Reach

With a strong network of contacts throughout the UK we can extend your marketing reach in a matter of weeks.


We specialise in speed-to-market. We can have your event marketing campaign rolled out within 6 weeks.

Quality Care

Our personal marketing approach means your brand is well protected and your customers are well informed of the benefits of your products. 


We report the progress of your campaigns on a daily basis and pride ourselves on a clear and regular channel of communication. 



How We Do It

In the fast-moving world of business, definitions rarely stay the same. Marketing has been described as the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.

Pinnacle Promotions Ltd’s mission is to market all their clients products and services with confidence, whether it’s at event venues or retail stores, our key focus is to create brand awareness, provide excellent customer service and the generate the highest brand loyalty.

Direct Marketing

Your business and your market are unique. Choosing the wrong media mix can quickly result in large amounts of wasted money. We excel at developing the right direct marketing approach which will be the most effective means for delivering your marketing message to your target audience. Our personal approach will build more loyalty to your brand and improve customer retention rates. Contact Pinnacle Promotions Ltd to find out more.

Campaign Development

We are able to redefine your product or service. Our focus is on how your product differs from the competition and highlights the benefits in detail for your customers. We concentrate on key features of your offering, including pricing, service, distribution and placement. In other words, our goal is to know what you are going to be selling more of and why more people are going to buy it. We look at the various market segments into which you hope to introduce or expand demand for your product.

Customer Acquisition

One of the basics of any customer acquisition effort is to identify and quality potential customers. Establishing rapport with the prospect is essential to any successful customer acquisition effort. Here, at Pinnacle Promotions Ltd we find ways to identify with the stated wants and needs of the prospect, and how the products offered can relate to those wants and needs.

Campaign Targeting

We decide what type of buyer is most likely to purchase it, this is important as these are the customers that will be driving your growth. Once we understand these areas we create a strategy for communicating the message that will produce growth. Do you want people to recognise your name or know where you’re located? Do you want to increase you customer base and sell more products? Are you looking to scale your marketing approach? Pinnacle Promotions Ltd is the right choice for your business!

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Our Services

Our services can be tailored to complement your existing sales and marketing team or can be further developed to fully dominate your market.

Business Workshops


Campaign Development

Strategy and Planning

Direct Marketing

Customer Acquisitions

Reporting of ROI

Brand Exposure

Customer Loyalty


What We Do

If you would like to know more about how Pinnacle Promotions Ltd could assist with your outsourced sales and marketing needs contact us today.

Our Background

We are one of the leading Event Sales and Marketing companies in Britain and with the experience our Managing Director Paul McGrath who has been involved with some of the most successful campaigns in the UK. We know what we want to achieve and how to obtain it.

Our Vision

Pinnacle Promotions Ltd are looking for bigger and better results in 2016. With our knowledge in marketing, our consistent strike ratio and our amazing brand awareness it excites us to talk about the next 12 month’s planned growth.

Our Goals

Managing Director, Paul McGrath has committed to major expansion plans and with goals to extend Pinnacle Promotions Ltd’s market reach into Europe in the near future, this small business is about to take the world by storm.

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With a wealth of experience in the direct sales and marketing arena, Pinnacle Promotions Ltd knows where, when and how to reach out to specific prospective customers.

Pinnacle Promotions Ltd is committed to bringing its clients the best and most rewarding results possible. Not only do we focus on our client’s results but we develop our suppliers so they can grow, develop and exceed their expectations in the business world and conquer all their dreams and aspirations.

This year we want to stretch our organisation to move towards different geographical areas. With focus, drive, ambition and experience we shall increase our clients’ revenue, brand awareness and target markets.

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